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Monday, June 18, 2012

Garbl's Writing Center: Free portal to writing resources 15 years old

My main website, Garbl's Writing Center, is 15 years old this year. Actually, one part of it is. In 1997, I launched a one-page website called Garbl's Online Writing Resources. My main goal in developing that site was to learn HTML and website development and management. And I figured back then: What better subject to feature than my love of writing! I still use HTML coding to maintain the site.

Since 1997, I've added many more links and pages to the Writing Resources section, and I've added (and eliminated) other big sections to the website. What's New provides a history of my website. I don't work on the site as much as I used to do, though I try to check and update the Writing Resources links occasionally. I still use HTML coding to maintain the site.

And, as I've noted at the bottom of several section home pages (emphasis added): 
Whatever their acclaim and position, all writers need editors. I don't have one for Garbl's Writing Center, so if you spot a typo, unclear message or possible error, please let me know.
Here are other links to various free tools at Garbl's Writing Center:
And here's more About Me!

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