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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Garbl's Writing Resources Online--grammar, concise writing, writing process, style, word usage, plain language, word play, creativity

[Update: This blog post is my most popular post, by far. More details. Also, the links below to Garbl's writing websites were updated Feb. 5, 2016, to connect to their new location on the Internet.]

When writing in my blog about other articles, blog items, and websites, I occasionally mention a couple of my Web resources: Garbl's Editorial Style Manual and Garbl's Plain English Writing Guide. But I don't often mention this site: Garbl's Writing Resources Online.

It may be just the site some people need. As its name suggests, it's an annotated directory of websites that provide free advice and information about various topics of writing: English grammar, concise writing, word play, the writing process, style and usage, words, plain language, action writing, creativity, and reference sources. You'll also find lists of websites there on punctuation, overcoming writer's block, avoiding bias, spelling and vocabulary, and writing for the Web.

I launched my writing resources site in 1997--in a much smaller form (one page!)--partially as a way to learn website design and management. I used early website design software to create it, but I also learned how to use HTML for updating its content and look. In fact, I still use only an HTML editor to update not only that site but also all other parts of Garbl's Writing Center.

I can't endorse all the standards, guidelines and links on websites listed in my writing resources site. But I hope you can find sites there that are useful, interesting and even fun.

I haven't added many links to the site in recent years, though I try to update existing links (or delete them) when other sites have changed their Web address (or disappeared). 
You're welcome to contact me if you find a dead link. 

Although I might not respond, you're also welcome to recommend a website that could fit in one of the writing resources categories. It should provide a substantial amount of free, useful information and advice about writing. I will determine if the site meets my standards. No compensation or reciprocal link is required, though I appreciate links to my sites.

Also, whatever their acclaim and position, all writers need editors. I don't have one for my websites, so if you spot a typo, unclear message, or possible error, please tell me.

Except for selected books on the Writing Bookshelf and Favorite Writers pages and StyleWriter on the Plain Language page, my website listings do not signify endorsements of fee-based services, products or programs. Besides expressions of appreciation by site visitors, my only compensation for maintaining this labor of love is the infrequent commission paid by for items bought through my website.

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