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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garbl's Writing Bookshelf: Recommended Books on Writing

If you're interested in writing resources for your bookshelf or alongside your computer -- or for the desk of a friend, relative or colleague -- check out Garbl's Writing Bookshelf!

There you'll find an annotated list of books I recommend and others available for purchase online through my association with (I make a very small commission on books bought through my website.)

I haven't added other useful books here for a while. But stay tuned! I'm planning to review some new and older books here and add them to my online bookshelf. (Also available are contemporary novels by some of my Favorite Fiction Writers. I also need to update that list.)

As I note at the site, here are the six reference books I keep on my desk near my computer for quick, easy access: 
I also subscribe to the online version of the AP Stylebook. The Chicago and Gregg manuals also have online versions by subscription. Next to my desk is a bookshelf with six shelves of other books on all aspects of writing. 
Garbl's Writing Bookshelf is part of Garbl's Writing Center. At this portal to the Web, you can find these free writing tools:

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