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Monday, October 1, 2012

Advertising Agencies Have Forgotten How To Use Plain English To Sell Stuff | George Parker, Business Insider

Businesses are continually inventing new ways of presenting the same stuff they have been pimping since their ancestors were the AOR (Agency of Record) for the tumescent brothels of Pompeii (The two thousand year old graffiti demonstrating this fact is still there, preserved under the volcanic ash!).
So writes Parker in this article.  He says things are changing ... but not getting better:
Now it would appear that agencies are shifting gears into “warp factor five” in their never ending quest to destroy the Queen’s English.
They no longer gather stuff together, they “curate.” They have ceased to think, they are now “ideating.” They no longer probe the new; they prefer to be “experiential.” They are not skilled in their craft; they are now expensively “artisanal.”
And these silly agencies think real-life human beings can relate to that shit? Perhaps too late for their own good, these agencies will do something for which we'll all be grateful ... and go bankrupt financially as they have done mentally.

I hope so, before such pomposity infects other human beings.
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