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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What do you think?

I launched this blog in early 2012, but I didn't give it a focus and start blogging regularly until April.

Since then, I've been testing topics and my interest in blogging about them.  I've been testing methods to provide information, advice and ideas. And I've been testing my interest in continuing to maintain this blog.

In response to that last test (about my interest), I still have the energy that I had when I began. I've gotten into a routine for producing it, though I hope its content hasn't gotten routine as a result.

But I continue to wonder what regular, occasional and new visitors to my blog think about it. Only a few of my blog posts have gotten any comments. The site statistics vary, though when I link my posts to the StumbleUpon website, the number of visits rises.

So here are some sample questions I'd like to get some answers for in emails sent to post a comment below:

I've covered these topics, some much more than others. Which ones interest you the most?
  • plain language/plain English (aka clear, concise writing)
  • editorial style/writing tips
  • creativity
  • simplicity
  • nonprofit communications
  • progressive politics/citizen action
  • peace activism.
Other topics: philanthropy/altruism, serendipity, travel photography, music, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, writing process, grammar, word usage, writer's block, writing for the Web.

How often do you visit my blog? 

What day(s) and time(s) of day to you usually visit?

Are you a writer, editor or communications specialist?

Do you work for a nonprofit organization, a private company or a government agency?

Do you check any of my daily online papers--in the tabs at the top of this page? Which one(s)? How often do you check them?

Do you visit my other websites? Which one(s)? They include:
  • Garbl's Writing Center (You can reach all the sites below and others from this portal page.)
  • Garbl's Pencil
  • Garbl's Plain English Writing  Guide
  • Garbl's Concise Writing Guide
  • Garbl's Writing Resources Online
  • Garbl's Editorial Style Manual
  • Garbl's Writing Bookshelf.
Anything else you'd like to tell me?

Thank you for your interest and support!

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