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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

‘Negative growth’ cuts economic exposure; oxymoron boosts confusion

Perhaps we need psychiatrists to help us deal with the economy. Through the past decades, we've suffered panics and depression. And now we're suffering negative growth

Besides sounding like a terrible condition to suffer, that negative growth also must be a symptom of oxymoronica. Oh how terrible those unfortunate morons must feel about their contradiction in terms. 

But I hear that not just morons but also many people--especially people suffering from overt euphemismism--are facing negative growth by moving forward but looking backward. 

And the danger of that is that they may trip and fall in their confusion. And then they might need to call a physical therapist, if not also a government stimulator. 

And perhaps they'll need a gobbledygook regulator who can treat the extreme verbosity these folks are suffering  I hear that special techniques of plain language are quite effective in curing or preventing the ills of misunderstanding and misleading. 

For more details on this plaque, see this article published in the United Kingdom.

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