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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Seven Deadly Sins of Creativity

Here's a provocative look at being creative that I haven't seen before. It works!

Blog writer Old Nick (Mark McGuinness?) discusses how to apply creativity to each of these "sins"--actually, how to achieve creativity by experiencing each sin in a creative way: 

  1. lust
  2. gluttony
  3. greed
  4. sloth
  5. wrath
  6. envy
  7. pride. 
For each sin, Old Nick also describes a "takeaway"--or what acting on each sin might mean for you in real life. So, for example, his Takeaway for the sin of lust:
Essentially, I am giving you a licence to indulge in pleasure. Your work should be fun! It MUST be fun!
So don’t waste your time on anything boring or difficult. If you don’t find yourself in the creative zone within five minutes, it’s a sure sign that you should stop and do something else.
Go for a walk. Relax. Stretch. Check out Twitter or Facebook. Have a coffee, or better yet, a glass of wine. Call your friends, go out for a drink. The weekend starts here…
Never forget: your talent is your ticket to pleasure.
Old Nick's blog post is featured today in my daily online paper, Garbl's Creativity Connections, available at the Creativity tab above and by free email subscription.

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