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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Damn Google Blogger crashes ... and moving on, lesson relearned

Twice in the past two days, as I've been in the midst of writing a blog item-- and happy with what I had written so far, my Google Blogger page has crashed. Actually, it sends me to a "Snap" page that advises me to respond by refreshing my browser screen. 

The first time, without thinking, I did refresh and immediately lost all my work. The second time, instead, I followed some Google links about preventing the problem from happening. I tried a couple of them (and have some hope they'll work), but I also figured I had lost my second draft post. Yup.

So I've relearned that long-time lesson about saving documents while writing them. It's just that for more than a year I've been drafting and posting in Blogger (and sometimes saving my work) without ever having this problem. Still, as the finger-waggers will say ...

Unfortunately, I didn't have the energy, time or desire to recreate my lost post after the first Blogger crash. And I didn't have any of it after the second one. So I'll move on ... saving my work more often in the future.


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