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Friday, February 5, 2016

Back Online! Garbl's Writing Center

I recently reinstalled the website I created back in 1997 as Garbl's Writing Resources Online. Now called Garbl's Writing Center (with Writing Resources as one section), it went down in September 2015 when, first, I moved out of the Seattle area served by Comcast and, second, Comcast was ending its service anyway of supporting personal websites.

Fortunately, my new Internet service provider (Wave Broadband) in Port Townsend, Washington, provides that service. I haven't yet updated all the details on website pages or checked all the links to make sure they're current, but I'm working on it!

In the months ahead, I may be reducing the size of the website as I decide if I want to continue supporting all the sections, especially the Writing Resources and Bookshelf sections. In my retirement, do I want to continue spending time keeping them up-to-date?

All the dead links in past blog articles to my old website locations will likely remain dead. But here are the new links to the main sections of Garbl's Writing Center:

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