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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hell no.

Eight years ago, I was filled with hope about our country after we elected our first black president. But mostly because of Republican intransigence on accepting any compromise, Barack Obama did not accomplish as much as I had hoped beyond certain significant successes he achieved without their involvement.
So I am outraged by Republican politicos and Trump supporters who say Democrats and progressives should turn the other cheek and let Trump be president.
Hell no. Not only am I still pissed at the unethical, unamerican actions of the Republican Party, I also detest everything Trump and his party stand for. Until he and his party show respect for and compromise with people different from them and less rich than them, I will fight their every move.
I continue to remember that Obama twice earned a majority of the votes in his elections, a fact neither the Republicans nor Trump respected and recognized. On the other hand, Trump got less than half the votes in his first-ever election, yet his deceitful apologists call it a mandate. Bullshit.

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