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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why no lobbyist for creating good jobs in America?

Why no lobbyist for creating good jobs in America?: So who represents the American workforce in Washington? Who is lobbying for a national strategy to create more and better jobs here? The answer is no one. Without bold government action on behalf of our workforce, good American jobs will continue to disappear.

Reich writes: "Lower corporate taxes and fewer regulations won't bring good jobs to America. They might lower the costs of production here, but global companies can always find even lower costs somewhere else around the world. Global corporations - wherever they're based - will create good jobs for Americans only if Americans are productive enough to summon them. ... We're hobbled by deteriorating schools, unaffordable college tuitions, decaying infrastructure, worsening health (along with rising health care costs) and declining basic R&D. ... Yet big American corporations aren't lobbying to fix any of this."
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