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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friends With Words: A Review of Joe Romm's New Book "Language Intelligence" | Rep. Ed Markey:, Huffington Post

Rep. Markey's review suggests that this new book on powerful, persuasive language is timely in a year filled with speech-making by politicians and political columns by newspaper pundits. I may have to get it!

Markey writes:
Two decades in development, mining 25 centuries of rhetorical work, Language Intelligence will help readers simplify and sharpen their skills of persuasion. Whether to sway a room the size of the Coliseum, or a boardroom filled with executive gladiators.
In the book, Markey writes, Romm discusses the "main pillars of effective rhetoric":
He scripts ways to master the metaphor, and incorporate irony. Solutions the reader can use for speeches, social media, or just winning the debate around the kitchen table.
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