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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Internet Doesn't Have to Kill but Can Instead Cultivate Writing, Good Writing | Grammar & Writing Blog | Grammarly

This blog article begins by noting a common feeling about that Internet these days: Because it's so easy to publish things on the Internet, more and more writers are not following standard writing rules or editing their writing before posting it.

But the Grammarly blogger writes:
Rather than focus on how degraded we think the language is becoming, we should be working on understanding how to use the Internet to make writing better. This can be achieved by using tools to improve English education as well as accepting and distinguishing between casual textspeak and proper, written English, while encouraging more writing and more reading.
After writing that the best way to improve writing on the Internet is to improve writing in general, the blogger lists various online sites that provide advice, especially to teachers.

The blogger also emphasizes that the Internet has increased the number of people who are willing to express themselves in writing. And critics shouldn't inhibit that interest by being overly critical of their writing. Rather, people concerned about good writing should offer tools and advice for improving writing for the Web.

Concluding, the blogger writes:
[T]he Internet is an equalizer; people from all strata of society are free to explore various kinds of writing as never before. This is a great thing.

We should let these communities thrive as they will, discouraging intellectual finger-pointing and encouraging context-appropriate writing along the way.
This article is featured today (Aug. 23) at Garbl's Style: Write Choices--available at the Editorial Style tab above and by free email subscription.

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