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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Garbl's Good Cause Communications | My online daily paper

If you work or volunteer for nonprofit agencies and organizations, my daily online paper, Garbl's Good Cause Communications, may provide useful, interesting, even inspiring information and ideas for you.

The news articles, blog items, tweets, Web pages, videos and photos focus mostly on marketing and communications. The also get into related topics, like fundraising, donor relations, campaign organizing, strategic planning, and current social issues.

The software compiles items automatically from Twitter, Google+ and other Web sources I selected when I set up the paper. I'll likely be as surprised--and inspired, I hope--as you by some of its posts.

You can subscribe to my paper, visit its website, or check the Nonprofit Communications tab at the top of My Garblog for the latest issue. Past issues are archived and available from a link at the top of the home page.

I'm available for temporary, long-term, contract or freelance opportunities with progressive, socially responsible firms, agencies, individuals, and nonprofit or political organizations. I'm also available for part-time or full-time staff positions. 

More information about me and my services is available at Garbl's Pencil & Good Cause Communications.

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