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Friday, February 22, 2013

31 Days to Better Branding | Laurie Cosgrove, Beauty Divine Design

I just came across this series by graphic designer Laurie Cosgrove and have skimmed a few of the articles in the series. But her introduction and the titles look intriguing for anyone interested in publication and Web design and style--and getting people to read them!

Cosgrove writes:

I decided to do this series after hearing the same things over and over from photographers I work with on a regular basis. It seems to be a common struggle - not just with photographers - but with a lot of small business owners.
She then gives several sample requests for help in developing a brand or design statement, including:
“I have no idea where to start.”
“My style is all over the place.”
As I post this message, Cosgrove has reached Day 21 of the series. Here's the list of topics in the series; Cosgrove notes that she may revise it along the way:
Week 1 – Identity
Day 1 // An Introduction
Day 2 // Better branding = more income
Day 3 // Getting your style just right
Day 4 // How you really appear to clients
Day 5 // Attracting your ideal clients
Day 6 // Using your voice in your writing
Day 7 // Tackling your bio + slogan

Week 2 – Appearance
Day 8 // Evaluating your logo
Day 9 // Create Some Room To Breathe
Day 10 // Setting the mood
Day 11 // Choosing type that speaks volumes
Day 12 // Playing with patterns
Day 13 // Can you repeat that? Using repetition to bring it together
Day 14 // Color love

Week 3 – Online Presence
Day 15 // Consistency is key
Day 16 // Social media myths and what you really need to know
Day 17 // Blogging essentials
Day 18 // Blog content that works
Day 19 // Rocking your Facebook page
Day 20 // Website 101
Day 21 // Creating a website viewers never want to leave

Week 4 – Marketing
Day 22 // Perfect packaging
Day 23 // How to gain expert status in your field
Day 24 // Getting others to spread the word about you
Day 25 // Following up – earning trust from your clients
Day 26 // Getting ahead of the competition without comparing or copying
Day 27 // Publicity and scoring exposure
Day 28 // Why you need to network and how to get started

Week 5 – Making It Work
Day 29 // Stress busters
Day 30 // Getting organized
Day 31 // Finding balance.
Cosgrove's article is featured today, Feb. 22, in my daily online paper, Garbl's Simple Dreams, available at the Simplicity tab above and by free email subscription.

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