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Monday, February 4, 2013

An 'infographic' by LearnStuff | Equal Education Unequal Pay: Closing the Gender Wage Gap

I've been seeing more and more infographics--like this one--posted on websites in recent months. They're a colorful graphic tool to provide information and even deadly dull statistics in a readable, useful way.

As I wrote Kayla Evans of LearnStuff about this infographic (also shown below):
It looks good and reads well. And, more importantly, it makes it point clearly and persuasively.
Kayla is a contributor to the project. Describing this infographic, she told me:
It was created as part of our project’s larger mission to build a free web resource rich with educational material for those interested. ... We wanted to raise awareness that this issue is existing and provide answers when enough people are talking about it.
Kayla explained that LearnStuff wants to spread this infographic as widely as possible. It can be downloaded and reprinted, she said. And it can be embedded in blogs and on other websites with coding provided below it on the LearnStuff page.

LearnStuff has produced other infographics covering the topics of education, health, science and technology. Each includes sources of the information provided. 

Here are some other recent LearnStuff infographic titles:
  • Suffocating the World
  • Did You Vote?
  • Take A Break
  • Social Media At Work
  • Got Milk?
  • Medical Hazard At Work
  • Your Boss Is Insane [That's an intriguing title!]
  • Big Bad Corn
  • College Study Drug.
And here's the Equal Education Unequal Pay infographic:

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