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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Garbl's Style: Write Choices | Following up on National Grammar Day

Monday, March 4, was National Grammar Day in the United States. I commented on it in advance by building on a blog post by Gary McCormick: "A Plea for Sanity this National (US) Grammar Day."

I agreed with McCormick and later concluded my post:

[C]elebrating grammar for its own sake is like celebrating stop signs. I'd much prefer celebrating the respect for other people that I believe is the reason for and the consequence of following the rules of grammar ... and the rules of the road.

As McCormick suggests, we don't need to be bullies about showing that respect.
Today's issue of my daily online paper, Garbl's Style: Write Choices, includes a couple of other articles that mention National Grammar Day:
Good Grammar Should Be Everyone's Business
Today is National Grammar Day, a reminder that good grammar is instrumental in conveying ideas with clarity, professionalism, and precision. Even so, the informality of e-mail, texting, and tweeting has crept deep into company communications. ... In an effort to add evidence to the commenters' anecdotes, my company, Grammarly, reviewed 100 LinkedIn profiles of native English-speakers in the consumer packaged goods industry. ... Here's what we found ....
National Grammar Day 2013: Ten More Grammar Myths, Debunked
It’s National Grammar Day 2013, which has really snuck up on me. If you’ve been here in previous years, you know that I like to do three things on March 4th: have a rambling speculative discussion about the nature of grammar and/or linguistics, link to some people’s posts I’ve liked, and link to some of my posts. ... Below you’ll find this year’s collection of debunked myths. As usual, the statements below are the reality, not the myth, and you can click through for the original post and the rest of the story. ...
My Garbl's Style paper is available at the Editorial Style tab above and by free email subscription.

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