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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest Post: Your Punctuation Personality Type by Leah Petersen

Note the three words in parentheses at the start of Peterson's amusing column:
A recent (totally made up) scientific study analyzed what your favorite punctuation mark means about you. Every writer, every person, over-uses and abuses at least one punctuation mark. Here’s what your particular weakness means about you ...
I'm still trying to figure out who or what I am, based on Peterson's analysis. As a writer/editor who advocates clear, concise writing, I support frequent use of periods (short sentences) and careful, limited use of commas (uncomplicated sentences).

So, does that make me a decisive, sometimes clear but sometimes confusing, sometimes stodgy but sometimes fun peacemaker? I must think about that!


Seriously, for more advice on using punctuation, check out the Punctuation section at Garbl's Online Grammar Guides. It's an annotated directory of websites where you can find answers to your questions about sentence structure and using the parts of speech correctly. You'll find a separate section featuring websites with punctuation advice.

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