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Friday, June 15, 2012

How to beat isolation and feeling alone when you freelance | Katy Cowan, Creative Boom Magazine

I've been semi-retired for the past year, while doing some freelance writing and editing and seeking more work with nonprofit agencies and organizations -- even a full-time communications position (in Seattle).

So I can relate to this article! As Cowan begins:
When you work for yourself, you often work from home and therefore work alone. With no one to bounce ideas off or seek reassurance from, you feel isolated and alone. Everything you do to make your business a success is dependent on you and you alone, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed. All the problems and issues you face are tackled by you and no one else. Make no mistake, freelancing can be lonely.
Referring to her own experience (in the United Kingdom), Cowan provides a long list of "top tips" on tackling isolation and becoming a happier freelancer.

Here are the headings for her useful tips:
  • Meet other freelancers
  • Get networking
  • Start your own meet-up
  • Sort your desk out
  • Become location independent
  • Get some office space
  • Try out co-working
  • Try hot-desking
  • Social network
  • Join a local group
  • Collaborate where possible
  • Get chatting online
  • Remember, you're not alone!

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