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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fifty Organizations Urge President Obama to Pursue Robust and Effective Global Arms Trade Treaty | Arms Control Association

My daily online "paper" for today (July 3) features several interesting and hopeful articles, including this one.

A joint letter from the 50 organizations says:
Thousands of civilians around the globe are slaughtered each year by weapons that are sold, transferred by governments or diverted to unscrupulous regimes, criminals, illegal militias, and terrorist groups. The lack of high common international standards in the global arms trade also raises the risks faced by United States military and civilian personnel working around the globe.
The organizations urge the Obama administration to support positions on several unresolved issues. They include:
  • Strong Criteria Explicitly Linked to Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Include Ammunition in the Scope of the Treaty
The paper, Beyond Child's Play: Peace Now, is available at the Peace Now tab above -- and by free email subscriptions.

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