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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Persuasive Writing – Powerful Ways to Engage Your Readers - RINF: Webmaster Tips Help & Online Business, Internet Marketing News

This blogger begins by emphasizing that persuasive writing must create a "win-win situation" benefiting both readers and the writer. That focus is important for sales, the Web and blogs, he writes ( and most o other purposes too).

RNF writes:
When I first started writing sales orientated content I made some big mistakes. I tried to sell too hard and now I look back I realise this was actually putting readers off rather than drawing them in. I focused too much on the general benefits of the product itself instead of how it could benefit the reader personally. This was not persuasive in that it didn’t present a winning situation for the target audience.
RNF provides an example of how he goofed in his initial persuasion attempts but how he turned that mistake into a lesson learned.

He then describes three of his techniques "to help make my content writing more persuasive and engaging to readers": repetition, clear reasons, and consistency.  
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