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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Garbl’s Creativity Connections

If you're needing some creative inspiration, check out Garbl's Creativity Connections. My daily online "paper" features blog articles, tweets, photos and videos about creativity -- a favorite subject and pursuit of mine. The software selects the items automatically from my preferences in Google+ and Twitter. I'll likely be as surprised -- and inspired, I hope -- as you by some of its posts.

It's available at the Creativity tab above and by free email subscription.

Today's (July 26) headlines include:
  • How to Train Your Creative Mind
  • 3 Steps to Fuel Your Creativity and Purpose with Exercise
  • 6 Must-Read eBooks To Spark Creativity
  • What Daily Meditation Can Do for Your Creativity
  • Why Boredom Is Good for Your Creativity
  • Creative Passion: The Antonym of Apathy
  • Jack Daniel’s Rewards Creativity.
For more information on this topic, check out Garbl's Creativity Resources Online. It's an annotated directory of websites that provide advice for increasing creativity and innovation in your writing, in your personal life, on the job, in school, in the arts and elsewhere.

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