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Thursday, October 18, 2012

17 Phrases Will Put a Bullet through the Head of Creativity Every Time, Demian Farnworth, Lifehack

You'll need to read, skim or bypass a short introductory discussion about the definition of creativity, but then you'll reach the useful heart of this article.

Under "How We Kill Creativity (and Help Our Competition)," Farnworth writes:
[W]e so often kill great ideas on the spot merely by the things we say. It’s like we push creativity up against the wall—and execute it. ... [L]ook through this list and see if you ever said one of these statements—or if somebody said it to you. Then let’s eliminate them from our vocabulary.
Here are a few examples that I've heard before (Farnworth also discusses each of these and other statements):
2. “You've got to follow the rules.”
7. “That’s not practical.”
8. “You need to be serious.”
12. “I’m not very creative.”
13. “We've tried that and it didn't work.”
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