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Monday, October 15, 2012

BBC News - The Business of Giving

The rich are getting ever richer, big companies are getting bigger, while new fortunes are being created faster.
However, some of the super-rich are discovering that with a lot of money comes a lot of responsibility.
In a new series we will be looking at how companies and rich individuals are discovering their social responsibility and are using their wealth to change society and the wider world.
That's the statement of purpose BBC News uses to announce this series. Here samples of some of the articles:
What motivates philanthropists? From wartime child refugee to self-made multi-millionaire and philanthropist, Dame Stephanie Shirley's life has been more eventful than most.
The corporate ethos driving charities. The large, staring eyes are all too familiar, whether they belong to a starving child or an abused animal.
The drive to make giving more effective. If you've had a successful career and made a fortune of many millions or even billions, then deciding to give it all away to charity is not a decision to be taken lightly.
Power of policy-making in the hands of philanthropists. Deciding to give away a lot of your wealth to good causes is an admirable act, but exactly how powerful does it make you?
Also see the Nonprofit Communications tab above for more articles describing and promoting philanthropy, altruism, charitable giving, and the good work of nonprofit organizations. 

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