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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Garbl’s Simple Dreams | On creating fun, positive memories

My daily paper on simplicity features several articles today (Oct. 20) that are especially appropriate for a weekend. Check 'em out if you you'd like to create some fun, positive memories.

How to live a positive life + stay positive giveaway

For years I've been working on living a positive life. There are days when positivity is effortless, but there are more days when it’s a struggle. But even on the hardest days, I know how important it is to keep pushing forward, to keep striving to be positive. ... Here’s how I've learned to live a positive life (even when it’s difficult!). ...

Just For Fun

Just about everything I do is just for fun.
While some people like to focus on being disciplined and achieving goals and sticking to their plans, I find this to be meaningless. What’s the point? You’ll fail about a third to half the time, and then feel like a failure for not being disciplined or sticking to a plan or goal.
In contrast, if you do the exact same thing, but let go of the expectation you’ve set for yourself and just have fun doing it, it’s a complete success. ...

Stop! You Might Just Be Making a Memory

Moments pass day-by-day—interactions with children, spouses, partners, clients, absolute strangers—tiny moments to us seemingly unimportant, yet somehow have the potential to become a memory stored in another’s heart forever. This potential memory has the ability to create a belief system in another that has the capacity of affecting them for their entire life. How wild is that? ...
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