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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

» Learning to Sit Alone, in a Quiet Empty Room | Leo Babauta, :zenhabits

I have a constant need to hear music, whenever possible. It inspires me, calms me, motivates me, soothes me, activates me ... depending on my mood and circumstances. So this blog caught my interest. And I'm going to try it out!

Babauta writes:
Think about some of the problems of our daily lives, and how many of them would be eased if we could learn to sit alone, in a quiet empty room, with contentment.
If you’re content to sit alone quietly, you don’t need to eat junk food, to shop on impulse, to buy the latest gadget, to be on social media to see what everyone else is talking about or doing, to ...
His concluding challenge:
Can you practice being alone, being still, being quiet? Just a little at first, then perhaps a bit more. Listen, watch, learn about yourself. Find contentment. Need nothing more.
This article is featured today, Oct. 8, in Garbl's Simple Dreams--available daily at the Simplicity tab above and by free email subscription.

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