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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Romney's "47 Percent" Blunder Reveals the Hidden Heart of His Agenda | Charles Derber and Yale Magrass, Truthout

I highly recommend this article. It describes the true "parasites" in the United States--and they are NOT part of the "47 percent." The authors write:
Romney made a fatal error. Parasites had always been defined as a minority of America, mostly African-Americans. But with the "47 percent," he suddenly turned a huge percentage of whites into 'parasites.' This deeply alienated the millions of whites who had always gained self-respect by identifying with the class of the "productives" or "creatives," a world apart from the minority parasites.

Romney turned his most important swing base - white workers - against him, and, in the long-term, gave them reason to question the legitimacy of the entire parasite narrative.

But it gets worse. By defining half the country as dependent on government, Romney suddenly opened up the question of who was not dependent. And a series of stories about Romney, Bain Capital, and Romney's taxes began to make clear a revolutionary truth: that the corporations and richest Americans, such as Romney himself, were actually the most dependent, the most parasitical. ...
The article concludes:
After the election, mass campaigns like the Occupy movement, focusing on removing money from politics, ending most corporate welfare, expanding social welfare and creating true democracy, must continue and expand. The government, even an Obama led government, must know the people will never be quiet until it becomes a government of the people, not the corporations.

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