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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why It's Hard Being A Grammar Nazi | Hunter Schwarz, BuzzFeed

The only thing more annoying than having your grammar corrected is having to be the one constantly correcting everyone's grammar.
That's how Schwarz introduces this delightful but sad photo page displaying examples of incorrect spelling, punctuation and word usage.

Among his reasons explaining the headline:
  • Everywhere you go, you're pained by the lack of respect for the English language.
  • It's like you can't fully enjoy life unless everything is written correctly.
  • But it feels like no one else cares.
  • People using the wrong "your."
  • And the wrong "its."
  • And the wrong "bye."
  • And let's not even start with how bad things are on the Internet.
For advice on correcting spelling, punctuation and word usage, visit Garbl's Editorial Style Manual. It also provides advice on abbreviations, addresses, capitalization, English grammar, Internet terminology, numbers, plurals and possessives.

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