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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

7 ways to get more comments on your articles | Jacob Klein,

Consider commenting systems, rewards & removing barriers

I've been hoping more people would comment on my posts in this blog--responding to it in some way, expressing their reactions and beliefs, adding to what I write, asking questions, and so on. But there have been just a few.

So this article caught my attention. Klein writes (emphasis added):
The benefits of user generated content are compelling: Not only are you generating original, topical content for your pages, comments may even contribute to your article’s freshness score. While it’s debatable whether the number of comments on a page is directly correlated with higher rankings, we all understand the value of having more fresh, relevant content on a page to say nothing of user engagement and community building.
He goes on to share a few tricks he's learned for attracting article comments. I already use a few of them, within the limits of The Blogger website and its formatting tools. But I'll keep trying!

Here are the headings to Klein's tips:
  1. Make it as easy as possible to leave a comment
  2. Placement of the comments area
  3. Social log-ins for authenticating users
  4. Profiles, awards and rankings
  5. Join the conversation
  6. Email notification on reply
  7. Tracking your progress.
Klein's article is featured today (Nov. 28) in my online daily paper, Garbl's Good Cause Communications--available at the Nonprofit Communications tab above and by free email subscription.

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