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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to be creative in a busy world | Robin Lindley,

Northwest authors Brenda Miller and Holly Hughes talk about how to engage in writing, art or other creative pursuits in the middle of modern culture.

This article caught my attention because it spoke to two of my big interests: writing and creativity. Lindley provides a Q&A of his email interview with the co-authors of a new book, The Pen and the Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World.

About the book, Lindley writes:
In addition to the thought-provoking and stimulating exchanges between the authors, each chapter of the book contains exercises to jumpstart writing and awaken the creative soul. Topics range from noticing details and contemplation at work to gratitude, mortality, balancing contemplation and action, spiritual traditions, befriending grief, and even animal companions.
Responding to Lindley's question about a description of the book, Miller writes:
We consider The Pen and the Bell a companion to keep at your side, a friendly guide to remind you to pay attention as you move through the world. We include stories, readings, and prompts that describe how to be more present in the midst of busyness and therefore create more time, space, and material for creativity.
The questions and answers continue, providing insights into the authors' thoughts on "contemplative writing," "mindfulness" as an approach to writing, and "writing practice."

Author Hughes concludes with this message to potential readers of her book:
I've been encouraged to hear feedback from friends who aren't necessarily aspiring writers that The Pen & the Bell is useful in reminding them how to create space for any form of creativity and just how helpful it is to be reminded to carve out contemplative/reflective time in our too busy, too distracted lives. This means a lot to us, that our book is doing what we’d hoped it might do: Be a good companion for all us struggling with achieving this balance. ...
Here's a website about the book; it's much more than a sales pitch. It includes "Resources for Writing and and Mindfulness," with links.

I just added this book to my Kindle collection.

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