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Friday, February 15, 2013

Associated Press Stylebook | New Entries

As a paid subscriber to the online version of the Associated Press Stylebook, I usually get an email alert when AP adds items or revises them. I haven't gotten a message lately. But while at the site, I noticed some recent additions. 

Here are a few that caught my attention:
  • Carnival Capitalize when referring specifically to the revelry in many Roman Catholic countries preceding Lent. Otherwise a carnival is lowercase.
  • Xmas Don’t use this abbreviation for Christmas.
  • roller coaster [Two words.]
  • regifting [No hyphen.] Passing along an unwanted present to someone else.
  • populist Supports the rights and power of the common people; advocates unorthodox solutions; often critical of establishment politicians and political parties.
  • indie Short for an independent film, meaning that it was originally made without the support of a major studio. [Though AP doesn't mention it, this word is also used to identify styles of music: indie pop, indie rock.]
  • happy holidays, merry Christmas, season’s greetings Such phrases are generally spelled lowercase, though Christmas is always capitalized.
  • Christmastime One word.
  • doughnut [Preferred spelling.]
  • face-lift [Include hyphen.]

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