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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creating Global Citizens | Lisa Niver Rajna, Technorati Family

The writer, Lisa Niver Raina, a frequent traveler and a teacher for more than 20 years, says she works hard "to integrate themes of culture and travel into my lessons."

Raina writes:
My students love to hear about where I have been and are eager to make connections with students and authors in other countries. ... I know that both my students love and their parents appreciate these sessions, but I am sad to hear that only 30% of educators regularly talk about other cultures and countries.
Raina acknowledges that writing lesson plans to make real connections with other cultures is time-consuming, but she says it's necessary because what happens “over there” affects us “over here.”

She concludes:
We are all connected through the air we breathe and the decisions we make. I hope we can work together to increase thoughtful dialogue about culture in hopes of creating a global community.
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