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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ten Tried And Proven Pointers For Writing For The Web | Online Success Articles

I've made this comment before when I've posted links to articles about writing for the Web, but here I go again: Many of the good ideas in this blog are also useful for effective, interesting writing in print. 

What I believe has happened is that many writers for print have neglected an important point, possibly the most important point, about writing. And that point: You must write everything to meet the needs of the reader, not just as a consumer of whatever product, service or idea you're "selling" but as a reader of words.

So, suggestions made in this article to aid the reader and keep him or her "in your den," as the blogger puts it, are equally applicable to writing for print. Here are headings for each of the blogger's suggestions. Following all of them but No. 5 would enhance your words on a printed page:

1. Make Your Piece Simple to Browse

2. Tease Your Reader
3. Make use of Headings, Sub-headings and Sub-sub headings

4. Add Texture

5. Hyperlink It

6. Give it Some Pizzazz
7. Pose Questions

8. Action!

9. Write for your reader

10. Be Careful of ‘Talking the Talk’

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