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Friday, June 1, 2012

Nerd Note: The End of the Punctuation/Emoticon Debate

Well, I don't know how widespread this punctuation controversy has spread, but it's happened inside my head. And this blog provides useful advice.

The problem, as spelled out and punctuated in the blog:

I love it when it rains! ;)
I love it when it rains ;)
Note the exclamation point in the first example.

After a brief discussion, blogger Kenna Griffin offers this "new rule":
When using an emoticon, you should use regular punctuation, followed by a space and the emoticon.
And that means she prefers the first example above. In other words, treat a sentence separately from the emoticon that follows. Don't treat the emoticon as the concluding punctuation mark for a sentence. Makes sense to me!

Of course, in serious writing, emoticons do not exist.

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