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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Uncluttering My Message. Change is Good

You may have noticed that my blog has a new title. I revised its name by adding a couple of letters. I've gone from presenting Garbl'd Thoughts in this blog to presenting UnGarbl'd Thoughts

I decided to make the change after thinking about this comment from one of my connections who's skilled and knowledgeable in brand identity:
If one has the motivation (already a seed planted) to move toward De-clutter, would one jump toward the lead: Cluttered Thoughts?
I agreed that the answer to that question could be "no," especially to potential readers unfamiliar with me, my expertise, my work, my other websites, and my blog.

The irony of my acronym--a writer, editor and plain-language trainer known as Garbl--not only gets lost in that blog title. It also contradicts what I’m trying to do with My Garblog.

So adding a couple of letters to the original blog title continues use of my acronym of Garbl's Writing Center and Garbl’s Pencil. But it flips it on its head—thus potentially raising the curiosity of readers: “What’s this all about?”

Before making the change, I played around with using versions of another acronym, Garblog. But they seemed wordy, complicated and still unclear. 

BTW, making this change reminds me of another blog post I wrote today--about perfectionism, procrastination and making mistakes:
Vulnerability and the Myth of the Picture Perfect Anything

If I had delayed launching my blog last year until I figured out a "perfect" name for it, I may never have launched it. I may never have learned what I've learned about blogging--and communicating--in the past year. I may never have helped people who find value in what I write here.

Thank you, Barb.

Comments anyone?

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