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Saturday, June 30, 2012

20 Art Inspiration Ideas for Creativity | Artpromotivate Art Promotion Tips

Blogger Graham Matthews writes:
Whether you are experiencing artists block, or just need some ideas on where to look for artistic inspiration, this article should be for you.
BUT ... the ideas in his blog are good ones for anyone seeking inspiration and creativity.  

Matthews writes:
Inspiration ideas are all around us – everywhere an artist [or any of us] ventures, who they speak with, what they experience, and everything an artist [or other creative person] does outside of the art field.
Here are excerpts from a few ideas in Matthews' blog:
Listen to Music

Listening to music always sets a mood while painting and creating art. ...
Take Lots of Photographs

Carry a camera wherever you go and take lots of pictures. ...
Do not Always Focus on Good Ideas

Good ideas are generally hard to come by, even for the most talented artists. ...
Talk to Senior Citizens

Visit a senior citizens home, or talk to your own grandfather. ...
Communicate More

As artists we tend to spend a lot of time alone creating in our own little world. ...
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