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Friday, June 29, 2012

Travel Photography Tips Part II – Photo Composition | Alberto Molero, Wild Junket

I was pleased to read the five photo composition tips in this article. I use them often in all my photography -- not just travel photography. I recommend them.

Here are the headings for each tip, some with my comments; each tip in the article includes a useful photo example:

1. Less is More [Molero refers to a "teletype lens." In my lingo, I think he means a telephoto lens. At least that's what I use to accomplish the vision he's describing.]

2. Rule of Thirds [I use this a lot! If I don't follow this rule when taking a photo, or if I don't see the rule-of-third focal points while taking a photo, I'll look for them later when I'm editing -- cropping! -- my photos.]

3. Framing [This technique seems common among photographers at all levels of skill. And that's a good thing! I see it often when a photo shows a fellow traveler in front of sight-seeing highlight. But too often, the person's face is too small or too shadowed. That problem can be reduced by cropping the photo (in the camera or later on the computer) to include only the person's head and shoulders or upper torso; showing feet and legs isn't always necessary. Also possible, especially when editing photos, is to use the editing tool to lighten a person's shadowed face.]

4. Repetitive Elements [This can be a fun, striking photo element.]

5. Play with the Lines [And this can be fun too!]

This article is featured in my today's (June 29) online paper, Garbl's Picture-Perfect Traveling, available at the Travel Photography tab above  (and by free email subscription).

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