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Friday, December 7, 2012

Footprints: Progressive Steps | News and commentary not in the mainstream media

If you're looking for points of view other than what you read and hear in the mainstream news media, my daily online paper, Footprints: Progressive Steps, features articles from a progressive/liberal perspective.

For example, today's edition includes these headlines:
  • "Preview: Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn't Get Bigger"--Bill Moyers, PBS
  • "Ann Coulter Says GOP Should Give In To Obama On Taxes: 'We Lost The Election'" (VIDEO)--Huffington Post
  • "Documents Undermine Walmart Account on Deadly Bangladesh Fire"--The Nation
  • "11 Reasons You're Glad Jim DeMint Is Leaving The Senate"--ThinkProgress
  • "World Bank: We hate climate change. Now who wants more coal?"--Grist
  • "Republicans losing blame game on fiscal cliff"--Washington Post (Yeah, I know, it's part of the mainstream news media).
Footprints is available at the the Progressive Politics tab above and by free email subscription.

As I note in Footprints:
My daily paper features news stories, blog items, Web articles, tweets, photos and videos about progressive/liberal politics in the United States -- a favorite subject and pursuit of mine. The software selects the items automatically from my initial choices in Google+ and Twitter. I'll likely be as surprised -- and inspired, I hope -- as you by some of its posts.
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