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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Challenges of Travel Photography | Rich Pomerantz

Pomerantz stresses the importance of trying to interact with people you want to photograph, to show respect for them as individuals, not just as subjects of photos. Though it's difficult to do when I don't speak the language, I've been learning to interact more with (potential) photo subjects while traveling to various European countries, China, Cambodia and Indonesia. And more to come!

Pomerantz writes:
So traveling affords us such a rich and fulfilling opportunity with which to exercise our photographic muscles. One of my favorite quotes is that “The camera is a passport into the lives of others.” (Alas, I have lost the attribution). It is so true. The trick when travelling is not to act like a taker, which is how tourists are usually characterized. Hence the difference between a tourist and a traveler, and between a tourist with a camera and a travel photographer.
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