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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Advice to nonprofits on using mobile technology, email

The two articles linked below both provide advice to nonprofits about connecting with their target audiences more effectively through the Web, social media and email--and the technology for using them.

Building an Effective Nonprofit Mobile Strategy

Tonia Zampieri writes:

Most US nonprofits are not addressing mobile technology adoption by creating a clear strategy to meet demand. Mobile devices today are an extension of our desktop computers, whatever can be done there is heading to their purses and back pockets. This is not a fad. This is our new reality. Websites will be built to suit mobile screens before computer screens sooner than later – mark my words.
She provides three short tips that mostly stress things to think about; they don't provide much "how-to" info. The headings for them:

1. Build a mobile matrix.
2. Do your homework and pick your most pressing need.
3. Write copy easily consumed via mobile.

Visualizing The Impact Of Social Media, Especially Email

Christopher Gardner writes that:
35% of all online giving in 2011 came through email, whereas all other platforms together made up the other 65%. Therefore, email remains the single biggest tool in a nonprofit’s outreach toolbox, but it should not be considered the only tool. But how to be successful with email?
Before introducing a useful video, Gardner writes:
  • Email outreach should be simple and with a clear call to action. 
  • It also should be systematic and professional: develop a branded email that makes it visually identifiable as soon as it’s opened.
  • Emphasize calls to action to engage your audience, and provide the necessary nuts-and-bolts that show you have met expectations and standards (like providing the ability to unsubscribe).
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