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Monday, May 14, 2012

What 'The Avengers' can teach you about writing | Andrew Daglas, Ragan's PR Daily

Now this is a timely column, with the superheroes movie "The Avengers" just out in theaters across the country. 

But step back from that screen and check out the headings below for each of the avengers. This article might just give you the nugget of advice you need to become a writing superhero:
  • Captain America: Live up to your principles.
  • Iron Man: Never stop improving your tools.
  • Thor: Back up your talent with purpose.
  • The Hulk: Don't be afraid to turn your passion loose.
  • Black Widow: Take advantage of the element of surprise.
  • Hawkeye: Everyone has a niche.
  • Col. Nick Fury: Ask for help when you need it.
For more advice, check out Garbl's Writing Process Links. It's an  annotated directory of websites that can help you follow the steps in the writing process, such as prewriting, research, drafting, editing, revising, proofreading and publishing. A separate directory features websites that can help you prevent or defeat Writer's Block.

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