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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Parsing an apostrophe: why Restaurant R'evolution has punctuation in its name |

This use of the apostrophe isn't taught in school or mentioned in style manuals. But I can't fault it!

Here's the explanation for the restaurant's oddly punctuated name:
The chefs toyed with the idea of calling the restaurant Evolution to describe Louisiana's food ‘evolution’ through the centuries with the addition of each new culinary culture that made Louisiana home. However, the name Evolution was taken. The chefs talked about how evolving Louisiana food to the next level was, after all, revolutionary in food concept, d├ęcor and style. So, they said, ‘What about Revolution?’ Revolution without an apostrophe seemed a bit harsh and unbecoming. But, R’evolution, with an apostrophe, was poetic, yet profound and playful, exactly what Restaurant R’evolution is meant to be.
For normal, correct use of the punctuation mark, check out the apostrophe entry in Garbl's Editorial Style Manual.

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