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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazing people & travel photography by Adde Adesokan | The D-Photo

Originally from Nigeria -but born and raised in Germany-Adde Adesokan lives and works in Hamburg. He is a creative director & co-founder at polargold, who considers himself to be just a self taught photographer that loves shooting. It’s up to you to decide what kind of style his is, as he sets no limits to himself.
As the website implies in the last sentence above, there's no information here about Adesokan's thoughts and ideas when taking the wonderful photos on display.

But just studying the black & white and color travel photos can provide some inspiration on things to consider and look for when taking pictures. Here are things I noticed:
  • closeups of individuals that capture their eyes; obviously, they were aware of the picture-taking and, hopefully, gave permission. 
  • shots that put individuals or small groups of people in settings that tell a story
  • use of perspective and light to emphasize the "horizon"--usually with the target point in the center (which I usually try not to do). 

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