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Friday, May 18, 2012

My lesson for the day, sadly: Don't read this.

I get daily email alerts from Google on various topics. One of them is "writing for the Web." Today's alert had links to the three articles below.

And what disturbed me about all three is that each of them was nothing but a bunch of text, a bunch of text with no headings, no bullets, no highlighted words.

None of them said, "Read this" or "Read me." They all depended, I guess, on the incredibly provocative headline or the incredibly provocative name of the blogger or the incredibly provocative name of the blog.

Yeah, right.

All I felt like doing is to skim them, and that's all I did. But what did I get from doing that?

Absolutely nothing. Again, there was absolutely nothing in them to stop my eyes, to get me to even want to read any of it!

So I can't recommend these articles, sadly, I suppose. Why? Because I question the qualifications of the writer and his or her Web editor.

For useful advice for writing for the Web and other types of documents, check out Garbl's Plain English Writing Guide.

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