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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Five lessons in retail creativity

Despite the headline for this article, I think the five "retail" ideas in it could be applied to other fields, with some creative thinking, of course!
According to the article:
Fast Company has just released its 2012 list of the one hundred most creative people in business and a number of people associated with fashion retail made the cut.
Each of the ideas below is followed by an example of how the retailer put it to use [emphasis added]:
Bradford Shellhammer, Cofounder & Chief Creative Officer, His lesson in creativity: envelope every product in a story that enables people to form an emotional attachment with the product and an affinity with the seller. 
Aslaug Magnusdottir, Cofounder & CEO, Moda Operandi. Her lesson in creativity: disrupt conventional retail channels to bring the shopper designer pieces that she would not otherwise be able to get. 
Rachel Shechtman, Founder, Story. Her lesson in creativity: bring theatre back to offline shopping. 
Ron Johnson, CEO, J.C. Penney. His lesson in creativity: Forget about tinkering around the edges with a broken concept – reinvent it to make it relevant again.

Jessica Alba, Co-founder of The Honest Company. Her lesson in creativity: create products that help people to feel better about activities they despise.

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