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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creativity Boost | Lauren B. Davis

I've been reading a lot of articles about creativity -- and Jonah Lehrer's recent book on the subject (Imagine: How Creativity Works). And occasionally I'll post an item here on the subject. The articles are usually academic or business-related, trying to connect theory with practice, somewhat usefully.

But here's just a list of things to do if you need a creativity boost. And I think it works!  

Davis introduces her list this way:
Students and readers often ask me how I keep my creative fires stoked, so here’s a list I’m working on. They are primarily for writers, but would work for anyone seeking to be more creative.
For more info on the topic, check out Garbl's Creativity Resources Online. It's an annotated directory of websites that provide advice for increasing creativity and innovation in your writing, in your personal life, on the job, in school, in the arts and elsewhere. Many of the sites have links to other resources on creativity.

And as Davis concludes:
Whatever you do. Have fun. Sure, writing is hard work, but it’s not coal mining, for heaven’s sake. You should enjoy it.
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