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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grammar Counts! | The Travel Institute

[T]oday I’m sharing ten pet peeves when it comes to grammatical mistakes. I am far from perfect and someone with an eagle eye may spot some errors in this post, but I’m pretty good at knowing the easy stuff and these are some items I want to highlight that I see far too often.
I like the blogger's 10 pet peeves. They're all worth remembering. I especially liked the memory tip for spelling Caribbean. Some of the items could have used examples to help the reader. I've included links below to provide more help for handling some of the pet peeves:

complement vs. compliment

stationary vs. stationery -- Memory tip: Both stationery and paper contain er.

fewer vs. less

For more advice on word use, punctuation, spelling and other writing issues, check out Garbl's Editorial Style Manual.

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