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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spelling Survey: Auto Correct Making Britons Bad Spellers, Research Claims | UK News | Sky News

Computer auto-correct technology has left about one-third of British adults unable to spell simple words like "definitely," "necessary" and "separate," according to a survey by Mencap, a charity in the United Kingdom.

According to the chief executive of Mencap:
With over two-thirds of Britons now having to rely on spell check, we are heading towards an auto-correct generation.

This survey has highlighted that many Britons have a false impression about their spelling ability.
Today's tough economic climate means that poor spelling on a CV is fatal, as it says that an individual cannot produce work to a given standard, no matter how highly qualified they might be.
Language used by a company or person is a reflection of their attitude, capabilities and skill.
The survey questioned more than 2,000 adults. You can test yourself on five spelling questions at the end of the article.

Here's another article with more information on the results, including a reaction from the British schools minister:
Over-reliance on technology is undermining spelling skills
A generation of “auto-correct” adults are struggling to spell properly after relying on technology to check their work, according to research published today.
For help on spelling, check out the Spelling section at Garbl's Word Links. That site is an annotated directory of websites that can help you discover, understand and use (or avoid) Latin and Greek derivations, misused words, unusual words, word origins, new words and slang.

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