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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making connections to create value | Martin Borrett, Marketing Blogged | Marketing Blogs

I recently came across a good example to illustrate the power of making connections in creating value, from unearthing a customer insight to generating a creative idea, ...
With that introduction, Borrett writes about Project Noah, a start-up that had figured out a way to use speakerphones to get children outside  instead of sitting indoors in front of computer monitors and TV sets (and smartphones as well).

Borrett writes:
Through understanding needs, motivations and behaviours and connecting this with technology, they’ve realised that spending time exploring nature and spending time glued to their phones don’t need to be mutually exclusive. ...
Borrett describes how the smartphone app works (though he doesn't doesn't get into how effectively it's working with children). He then writes (emphasis added):
Having developed a great idea, the Project Noah team have made one more critical connection – from idea into action, taking their idea and executing it with excellence. Project Noah is not only a tool to explore and document wildlife, but using the connections that digital enables, it is a platform “to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.”

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