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Monday, May 21, 2012

Environmental Cues That Boost Creativity | Sam McNerney, Moments of Genius | Big Think

While the public still believes creativity is a "gift" to some people, McNerney emphasizes research that shows "creativity is improvable" and contingent on various circumstances and conditions. He writes:
Particularly interesting are studies of the last few years that suggest that subtle cues in our physical environment significantly influence creative output.
To strengthen that point, McNerney describes the findings of several studies. In his summary of the studies, McNerney writes:
The larger point of this research is that there are simple things we can do to boost our creativity: blue rooms and a moderate amount of ambient noise for instance.
Besides the particular environmental enhancers mentioned in the article, I'd like to see more physical descriptions of things organizations can install and do in the workplace to enhance creativity. McNerney also suggests that job hunters seek out employers that have creativity-enhancing environments. That, of course, is even more reason for developing a list of those factors!

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